Sunday, 17 May 2009

Surviving May 16th


Humph. The Jubilee line is down so I’ve just spent an hour travelling here to the British Library to work with Katie. The British Library is a fantastic place and Katie and I went to look at the pretty manuscripts and said, “Oooh,” and then I went to register and the bastards wouldn’t let me in! They won’t let you register now unless you want to look at specific books. And, as she needs the books and I don’t, Katie and I aren’t going to get the day to work together, despite both of us having come all this way and who knows when we’ll see each other next? It really annoys me: a public library is a public library.

So I’m sat in the lobby for forty-five minutes, Katie and I will have lunch, then I will head to Senate House (more expense) and work there. I could have had an extra hour in bed, and I’m so sleep-deprived at the moment. Grrrr. Grumble, grumble, grumble. By the time I get to Senate House, it’ll be half the day lost. I’m going to have to pull an all-nighter tomorrow now.

Right, I’m 3360/7500. Three and a half more paragraphs and I’ve finished the free will section. So tired.


3573/7500. Thirsty, as usual. I feel guilty for this lunch I’m about to take... I think I’ll swap my travel time for study time by staying in this lobby this afternoon.


3639/7500. We had scampi and it was good.


3822/7500. Past the half way mark now. We plough on.


4218/7500. One more paragraph to go and this section has already exceeded its word count. Excellent. I’m sat on the floor with a very numb bum. How many words have I written today? Nearly a thousand, not bad. When I’ve finished this section, I’m going to go and have a wee and see if I can track down a bottle of Diet Coke. I think I may be addicted to Diet Coke. Ah well, there are much more disastrous things I could be fuelling my dissertation with. More fattening things too. Right, one last push and then I’ll allow myself a break. This section – in fact, the whole thing – will need so much editing once I put the draft together, though.


4570/7500. And I’ve put all the prose I have so far on to a document which is growing into a first draft. It’s nothing like comprehensible, though – oh, the editing that awaits me! And the writing too. I’ve one and a half smaller sections, an introduction, a conclusion and two or three random floating paragraphs to go. Alas. I’m having a break first, though.


Just under an hour left here. I was hoping to get to 5000 words but I’ll have to reread The Dream of Scipio so it mightn’t happen.


4796/7500. More than a thousand words since half way there. I’m getting somewhere.

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